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Chinese Brand Day-Jazz Bathroom Create Brand of Power with You

May 10, 2017, the State Council issued a letter will be held every year on May 10 as "China Brand Day." Through the establishment of "China Brand Day", to explore more global good brand. This special day, but also to Jazz quartz slab manufacturer has been uphold the "design for love and health" concept has a different meaning.
A Total of Brand Power, Brand Reputation Broke Out
Since 1999, Jazz bathroom stationed in the Chinese market has been 23 years. With years of sustained and stable development of accumulated solid comprehensive strength in the industry have a huge influence and the consumer groups a high degree of recognition and reputation. In product quality, Jazz bathroom in the attention to the elegant art of the product at the same time pay more attention to the ergonomic design of the product, to provide consumers with a beautiful and comfortable bathroom space.
A Total of Brand Strength and Quality of Life Closer to Life  
Rapid development of science and technology today, the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries is a foregone conclusion, industrial replacement handicraft industry has become an indisputable fact. Jinshi bathroom as the leading bathroom brand, after years of painstaking research and experiment, the first to enter the robot era! Advanced technology and strict Geng standards is Jazz bathroom high-quality assurance, Jazz bathroom has introduced Italy, Germany's latest high pressure Grouting line, the real realization of mechanized production. Only the use of the best quality materials, adopt the most sophisticated technology, advocating the most energy saving and environmental protection mode of life, is Jazz's commitment to the perfect combination of science and aesthetics, pay attention to relax the whole sensory enjoyment, designed for love!
A Total of Brand Power ,Campaign to Create a Myth
"China Brand Day" set up on the Jazz bathroom, that is unprecedented opportunities, but also a new round of challenges. In recent years, Jazz bathroom has to "a province in the end", "Green Home Health Festival", "loving home", "Jingdong financial million chips" and a variety of new large-scale national promotional activities amazing industry. In the feedback terminal, witness the strength of the brand at the same time, Jazz bathroom service terminal, feedback terminal footsteps never stop!