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JAZZI Adjustable Balance Swims Spa

Swims Spa, usually considered a high-class luxury products and people are think about it is too expensive to buy. But it's not true. It's even more expensive to build a pool than to buy a spa tub, such as the human labor , land, machine room, maintenance, etc. A  swimming pool is just for swimming and it wastes a lot of space. But the Swims Spa, a product that has been popular for decades, is slowly being accepted by the people because it has so many benefits.

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Build a concrete pool, possibly need to dig a lot of land, then build a machine room to put the pump filter and other equipment, therefore make the whole garden less walking space. But if you buy a endless swimming tub, you can not only enjoy a comfortable massage, but also get good swimming exercise. You swim in the swimming area through the flow of the turbo boost jet. It can also  adjust the quantity of water pump to regulate the power of the water flow, so it can be applied to adult or children. In addition to swimming, you can also add underwater bikes, which can double the intensity of your workout by stepping on your bike under water resistance. There are also rowing system, braid, and other devices that can be used in a swimming tub which make a complete set of fitness equipment is in your back garden. The swimming tub itself comes with its own filtration system with high density cartridge filter, ozone and so on, which keeps the water in a balanced and clean state. Therefore, it is not necessary to change water frequently but crystal water enjoy. The 3-5 kilowatt Heater keeps the water temperature at your ideal temperature and you can use the swims spa at all times.

JAZZI have 8 workshop and more than 30 production line of pool and spa products. As the only company in Asia who provide a complete range of swimming pool and spa products, it is always our responsibility to create the best products for people who pursue and enjoy a healthy, relaxed and balanced lifestyle.

 Want to buy a good swims spa for your family, JAZZI is the best choice for you!