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Jacuzzi Maintenance Nine Strategy

Jacuzzi is a modern type of new bathtub products, which are generally based on the traditional bathtub products plus a massage system design, so there is a certain massage function; usually on the market sales of massage bathtubs are generally by the two major parts Composition, cylinder and massage system; And massage system is seen by the nozzle and the bathtub behind the hidden pipes, motors, control boxes and other components, and massage system is the core of the entire massage bathtub.

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Massage bathtub can help people to ease fatigue, it is a very user-friendly sanitary ware products. But if we do not for its scientific maintenance, then the advantages function is not reflected . Specific maintenance methods are as follows:

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    1、If the surface of the bathtub scratches, just use 2000 # water sandpaper for grinding, and then coated with toothpaste . With a soft cloth can be polished as bright as new.
    2、Bath surface of the scale can be used with light acid detergent, after heating to a soft cloth to wipe , such as lemon juice, vinegar
    3、Heat the tub to 40 ° C and add 2 g of detergent to each liter of water. Open the massage pump for about 5 minutes, then close the pump and drain. Then fill the cold water, turn on the massage pump for about 3 minutes, close the pump, drain and clean the tub
    4、When the bathtub surface is dirty, you can wipe with a wet towel, repeated three times, it will clean
    5、Do not use rough objects、chemical solvents or particles to clean the bathtub
    6、Do not use hard objects to carve the surface of the bathtub,and do not allow cigarette butts or heat sources above 70 ° C to touch the surface of the bathtub
    7、After using the bathtub, drain and disconnect the power supply
    8、When the suction and nozzles have hair and other debris clogging, you can unscrew clean。
    9、Do not often need to wipe gold, chrome pieces

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