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Jazz with new products wholesale fiberglass swimming pools landing 121 Canton Fair

Since the founding of China in 1957, the China Import and Export Fair (the "Fair") has been regarded as a "barometer" and "weathervane" for observing China's foreign trade trend. It reflects the trend of foreign trade import and export in the next six months. April 15, 2017, the 121st Canton Fair as about the opening. In the global trade situation in the doldrums, the world economy into the depth of the adjustment period, the Canton Fair by the parties concerned.
According to statistics, the 120th Canton Fair export volume of 27.89 billion US dollars, 185,704 overseas buyers. The current format of the Canton Fair is basically the same, is expected to buyers and basically the same as last year. However, from this year's data, China's foreign trade has bottomed out signs. According to the General Administration of Customs data, the first quarter of 2017, China's import and export of goods amounted to 6.2 trillion yuan, an increase of 21.8%. Import and export for three consecutive quarters to achieve positive growth year on year. China 's foreign trade signs to bring confidence to the exhibitors.
This confidence, in the Jazzi general manager Linda Yu who reflected more clearly. She said that the current Canton Fair to consult customers than in previous sessions has increased, especially in Europe and the United States, According to her many years of sales experience, Europe and the United States increased customers, it means that the industry's sales this year, and even Canton Fair, the country's foreign trade sales will increase.
It is understood that Jazzi wholesale fiberglass swimming pools and Spa Products Co., Ltd. (JAZZI) is the first spa and pool company in domestic, twenty-four years of hard work, so that Jazzi become SPA equipment and massage bathtub "pioneer." Last October, Jazz officially announced the acquisition of Australia's largest SPA manufacturer and sales company - SPA INDUSTRIES GLOBAL, the same year the sales growth of more than 30% of the success.
"We started to participate in the Canton Fair, Jazzi only one booth. But we are bigger and bigger, our products are all over Europe, Australia, New Zealand, the United States, Canada and other countries and regions." Linda Yu said.
She clearly remembered when the first time to participate in the Canton Fair in 2004, No one can speak Chinese, four or five years ago, she found that now in the consultation of foreign basic will speak Chinese
At present, the spa has been widely popular in Europe and the United States , the domestic market is relatively blank. Yu Xiaoling said “Jazzi hope to use 5 - 10 years to open the domestic market ”. She believes that the proportion of the domestic middle class is rising, the level of consumption is also rising, due to different domestic consumption habits, but also need time to promote.