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Jazzi Release Listing Plan on 23rd Anniversary Celebration

October 2016,in this golden autumn with cool breeze and rich harvest,Jazzi held its grant 23rd anniversary celebration in Guangzhou Baiyun International Convention Center. During the ceremony, the CEO of Jazzi Pool&Spa Products Mr YuZhelong announced that Jazzi will acquire the biggest spa manufacturer and its sales company------SPA INDUSTRIES GLOBAL in Australia, released that Jazzi will be listed in Australia in 2017.

At 18:30PM,the ceremony began in gongs and drums. Elites in the industry from all over the world gathered and talk about future development all together.

jazzi europe country

  Spa stemmed from developed country in Europe.And Jazzi is the first company to bring this technology to China,and establish its own factory and sales company. Developed from nothing, Jazzi has now become the leader in China spa industry during 20 years constant revolution development.

    “As the leader enterprise of spa industry, not only the quality but also our sales performance is ahead of the world. I’m very proud of every staff in Jazzi who work shoulder-to-shoulder.”CEO Mr Yu said excitedly in the speech.

According to the industry data, outdoor spa sales in the world market is about 350000 pcs, and North America and Europe is the main market. CEO Mr Yu said Jazzi will set North America and Europe as our main market in the future three years. We aim to bring Jazzi and Spa Industries Global to the world.

CEO Mr Yu also shared some target: Jazzi aimed at increase 30% sales, that is to say break through 18000 pcs spas in 2017,and 25000 pcs in 2018.

The most excited news is that CEO Mr Yu announced on the ceremony that Jazzi Pool&Spa products successfully acquired the biggest spa manufacture in Australia------Spa Industries Global.And he also said: ‘Jazzi is going to be listed in May 2017, then we will be the first company in spa industry to be listed!’ When his discourse down,all the staff cheered up and applauded. 
  Let’s looking forward better Jazzi in the future!

Public Listing Launch Ceremony