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The stronger the health of the bathroom may become a subversive force

2017 China's large enterprises, public brands will become increasingly sad days
"New consumer era" comes, is catalyzing the new changes in China consumption. In this environment, the "outside the dry" of the Chinese manufacturing industry is also facing a series of "crisis" and "variable": First, by the market changes, consumer upgrades and other factors, the development of swimming pool spa manufacturing itself comes with structural contradictions (Low level of industry, low consumption of primary products, heavy resource consumption, heavy environmental pollution, weak innovation capacity, slow upgrade, etc.). Second, in this context, manufacturing can not be superimposed in the rapidly developing social environment , Quickly adapt to the "Internet +", "smart +", "Industrial 4.0" and other new trends.
During the two sessions, the tiles as the representative of the Chinese manufacturing industry economy will be directed at Alibaba, led to the discussion of the manufacturing industry fake and channel dispute. And even have a good thing, the manufacturing industry, the reasons for the economic downturn attributed to the strong power of the economy. But is Ali really the initiator?
China's ceramic tile manufacturing industry, for example, the reality is: brand recognition is low, the brand appeal is weak, tile manufacturing enterprises and scattered, low concentration of industry. According to the industry industry survey data show that the country's large and small ceramic production enterprises more than 1400, ceramic tile production line more than 3,000, the industry's first sales volume of enterprises accounted for no more than 2% market share. In a nutshell: quite a mixed bag, good and bad.
Such a situation, the development of Chinese tiles "brakes" can be foreseen
For the ceramic industry, this may be the worst of the times, but it may also be one of the best times. Bad is that the big waves are Taosha, is expected in the next round of consumer competition, stay in the table business will gradually reduce. Yes, the economic rise and consumption of electricity to upgrade, forcing the ceramic enterprises to attach importance to commodity iteration and service promotion. The survival of the fittest, anyway, the final profit, are consumers. In the past we selected decoration materials, the first price, because the ceramic bathroom function, similar to the color, the price is right. Now the consumer is very rational, will consider the brand awareness is large? Product quality is guaranteed? Product decoration effect is consistent with their own taste? Multi-dimensional factors are included in the purchase of product standards. The interesting thing about this industry is that you can always find some more unexpected, surprising brand. In the brand of tiles in the forest, Jane marble tiles is a unique one.
On March 28 this year, the ninth generation of famous Thai marble tiles finally listed in the world, immediately caused the industry and the printing of the hot. In the 100 authoritative media and industry experts witnessed the same, more wear-resistant products, light more natural, water is more slippery, the table is more like a simple debut, since then into the tens of millions of people home.
For example, "product more wear-resistant" how to achieve technological upgrading, the traditional tiles are easy to scratch the daily wear, but the ninth generation of marble tiles through the selection of Italian Carlo Bia glaze, the use of high-temperature crystallization technology, so that tile Mo-type hardness of 5 Level, far more than peers, more wear-resistant products, even with the key to move, move furniture, etc., will not leave any traces of the tile surface.
When a group is willing to pay for the new quality, the new experience to pay the crowd when the influx of people, we see the traditional Chinese manufacturing industry different opportunities. In this most representative of China's industry, marble tiles to high-end brand building, product technology innovation, service and experience upgrades, take the initiative to participate in international competition, the real focus on user needs and other key points to the brand to win high-end customer choice.
Curtains have been opened, China's high-end manufacturing industry will break through in various fields. And the golden age has just begun, we firmly believe that this creativity can leveraging this era.