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Analysis on the Difficulties in the Development of Intelligent Bathroom APP Market

In the era of intelligence, intelligent bathroom industry to become the development of hot spots and challenges, the traditional sanitary industry development model has been discomfort and the development of sanitary enterprises, sanitary enterprises want to develop, we must keep up with the trend of the times, intelligent bathroom have been developed, That spa pool outdoor APP research and development of the road will be far? Smart bathroom APP development will also become a new direction of the development of sanitary enterprises, then, and then its development process will have to solve the problem?
Analysis on the Difficulties in the Development of Intelligent Bathroom APP Market
Smart bathroom technology is still immature
Smart bathroom technology is not mature enough, may not be able to meet the expectations of the public on the smart bathroom, most of the intelligent function is only reflected in the switch cover, glaze, and can not really see or experience the smart bathroom brought about by technological innovation and Improvement of home life. So now the smart bathroom platform needs to do, upgrade smart bathroom, the product molding, to the user to experience.
Smart bathroom production costs are high, the penetration rate is low
Because the smart bathroom technology is more difficult to realize, so the production cost of smart bathroom is relatively high, eventually leading to the high price of smart bathroom. Now the market also has to do smart bathroom products, such as smart toilet, but the price is between 7K ~ 3W, the price ... ... seems to be positioning is the high-end consumer groups, if you want to smart toilet industry Bigger, the price or need more affordable, as much as possible to reduce costs, the product prices down, talk about the popularity of it.
Smart bathroom products produced different standards
The production of smart bathroom products, the standard is not uniform, although the smart toilet is intelligent, but this is just a small bathroom in the smart, only after the technology is mature, produced is intelligent products. It is understood that the current number of standards involving smart toilet, but did not really form a unified and perfect standards. Different brands used in different production standards, making the interconnection between different devices, interoperability has become very difficult, thereby reducing the enthusiasm of consumers to buy.
In general, the bathroom business want to take a smart bathroom this development of the express, research and development of intelligent bathroom APP, mainly to solve the experience, price and standards of these issues, the popularity of smart bathroom, smart bathroom APP market Need to solve the problem is also less, the market will slowly open.