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Bathroom and Other Home Building Materials Industry or Will Meet the Era of Unattended Retail

Ma once said in a speech that "pure e-commerce era has passed, the next decade is the era of new retail, the future must be combined online and offline." The advent of the new retail era, more convenient, time-saving and efficient, personalized retail consumption become the trend of the times, the wholesale acrylic bathtub home building materials industry should be through what marketing tools to show the product to more consumers, so as to better increase the consumer groups sticky?
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Unattended retail may give us more inspiration. In our country, the concept of unattended retail is gradually becoming known to the people. This year, Jack founded the unmanned supermarket "Amoy coffee" instant unmanned retail has become a social hot spot. It can be said that the fire of the unmanned retail industry is gradually spreading in our country.
It is true that just imitating the traditional retail industry, printing a batch of supporting product introduction cards, the material is not enough. Some businesses discovered this potential problem, since no one, the business moved out of the robot to replace the staff to provide customers with product introduction. In 2016, Lloyds introduced a retail robot in several of its stores. Customers can according to the robot screen text, select the introduction of the product to read.
In addition, this robot is also able to move freely, shuttling between the shelves in the store, ready to serve different customers. Through the bundled phone program, customers can also order the robot to help you find the product you want to buy. The use of robot technology, so that no one building materials retail technology to achieve a technical breakthrough.
For consumer groups that are predominantly young people and can quickly accept new things, such an unmanned retail model of building materials may even get higher sales, but more "experiential" self-service models should be considered. Such as IKEA, such as home building materials shopping malls, a relatively reasonable price and multiple choice of similar products, no sales model in the "downgrade" into the fresh, sense of science and technology is expected to further stimulate the group's consumer desire to promote short-term building materials products People's retail success rate will be greatly .