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Daily cleaning and maintenance of massage bathtub

Massage bathtub includes a cylinder body with a shower head and a switch on the cylinder edge, and surfing jets in the cylinder body. With convenient bathing and good massage effect, it is a kind of sanitary ware suitable for families, hotels and other places.

So how should the massage bathtub be cleaned and maintained in daily use? In daily use, what are the precautions ?

一.Massage bathtub cleaning
1.For daily cleaning,it is recommended to use a soft cloth with liquid cleaner rather than cleaner containing ketone or chlorine.When disinfecting, disinfectant containing formic acid and formaldehyde is prohibited.
2.It is recommended to use a granular cleanser that can be mixed with water to clean the massage bathtub but avoid using cleansers for tile or enamel surfaces.
3.Do not place the container of liquid detergent on the surface of the bathtub for a long time.Do not use sprays or concentrates or other similar cleaning products.
4.Please do not let nail polish, polish remover, dry liquid cleaner, acetone, paint remover or other solvent touch acrylic surface.
5.Caustic cleaners will cause damage on the surface of acrylic sheets. Be sure to clean the acrylic surface thoroughly every time. Do not let the cleaner enter the circulation system.


二.Massage bathtub maintenance
1.If there is a scratch on the surface of the bathtub, it is recommended to grind it with 2000# water sandpaper, apply toothpaste, and clean it with a soft cloth.
2.The scale on the surface of the bathtub can be wiped with a soft cloth with slightly heated mildly acidic detergent, such as lemon juice, vinegar.
3.Do not use hard objects or blade rips to scratch the surface of the bathtub. Neither cigarette nor heat sources above 70 degrees Celsius should be allowed to touch the bathtub surface.
4.After using the bathtub, drain water and disconnect the power.
5.When the wall return and nozzle are clogged with sundries such as hair, they can be unscrewed and cleaned.
6.Gold-plated, chrome-plated parts do not need to be wiped often.


三.Daily use of massage bathtub.
1.There should be no extra items in the bathtub. Do not put towels or something like that.
2.Since the water from the nozzles directly hits the body, the water temperature should be slightly lower by about 36-39 degrees.
3.In order to avoid damaging bathtubs and pipes, do not use bathing or organic solvent spa products containing sulfur.
4.Do not use shower gels that will produce a lot of foam.