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Do you really know your hot tub

SPA, also known as "water treatment", the full name Solus Par Aqua, in Latin is the meaning of "health comes from the SPA" with water as medium, using the characteristics of water buoyancy, pressure and friction, as well as massage, water temperature and water flow with the best Angle, the perfect fusion, acting on the human body, make the person of the body, mind, god is happy, and reach a balance, bounce back, bring health.
SPA originated from the Roman empire city of liege in Belgium and a place called SPA town, surrounded by a beautiful forest and contains rich mineral hot springs, the water of the oils from tens of thousands of flowers in the local mountain vegetation in the upstream water soak, residents are to hot springs bubble bath to treat disease, at the same time of treatment and can relax the mind in the nature, enjoy the natural gifts, named SPA.
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18th century SPA began to popular in the European aristocrats, become nobles leisure vacation, physical fitness, the 20th century in Europe and the United States again raised a hot wave of SPA, and into the homes of life.
The history of spa pool outdoor in China is in the tang dynasty, known as one of the four beauties of ancient China, Yang guifei, often used in the SPA to use the health care beauty. As the ancient poem cloud: the spring cold gives bath hua qing pool, the spring water to wash the lipid. Due to the bubble hot spring can supplement the skin moisture, combined with hot spring has the effect of the sauna, steam makes skin after bath particularly smooth, moist, elastic, and pleasant fragrance, reinforce the skin strong and handsome, youthful appearance.
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