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From Smart Home to Smart Home AI is Subverting the Industry

"From smart home to smart home, AI is subverting the entire home industry competition, the current opportunities and risks for China's home appliance industry, coexist!" China Institute of Home Appliances said.
With the wave of global industrial transfer, China has now become a major exporter of home appliances and a major global sauna room suppliers. China's home appliances are not only exported to developing countries such as Southeast Asia, but also exported to the United States, Europe and other developed countries.
From Smart Home to Smart Home AI is Subverting the Industry Pattern.jpg
China Light Industry Federation, Deputy Secretary-General believes that although the smart home industry prospects are broad, but from the perspective of industry development risks and challenges can not be ignored. From smart to smart home, the current home industry lacks the overall smart synergy.
At present, the high competitiveness, high concentration, high technical barriers, lack of product innovation has become a constraint for the development of China's home appliance industry, a new problem. Guo Yongxing said that with the industry's iterative development, industry reshuffle is inevitable. Non-price competition, represented by technological innovation, quality and service, will become the "killer" for home appliance enterprises to seize the high ground in the industry.
Experts point out that with the development of artificial intelligence, Internet of Things technology and big data cloud computing, the trend of cross-border integration and development will appear in the future smart home industry. For enterprises, insight into the trend of industry change timely adjustment of development strategies to adapt to the development of the Internet economy, from competition to competing in order to fierce competition in the industry remain invincible.