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From the single product to the whole transformation of the overall bathroom market prospects

Bathroom is one of the most frequent use of home improvement products, with the continuous improvement of people's needs, the industry also emerged a number of "for the demon" single product, such as singing smart toilet, with the water temperature changes in the shower, Induction of the faucet ... ... technological progress, so that sanitary products from the "energy-saving" to the intelligent, all the way to open up the reverie.

When the housing industry and the rise of assembly-style buildings, bathroom market and fight the "whole" wind. Enterprises are also from the fight a single product, to fight the whole transformation. As an important part of the interior, the bathroom market is expected to open the bathroom in the form of industrial road. Compared with the traditional bathroom, the whole bathroom in the decoration cycle, environmental protection, cost and other areas have a more obvious advantages, with the industrialization of housing and consumer awareness of the concept of change, the bathroom industry will usher in explosive growth.


From the single product to the whole transformation of the overall bathroom market prospects Whole bathroom


Fifty years of incubation of new industries


In 1938, Richard Buckminster Fuller, the earliest inventor of the whole bathroom, invented an iron-made bathroom based on the idea of factory production.


In 1964, the Japanese government commissioned the then "Hitachi Productions" and "Oriental pottery", in Richard Buckminster Fuller invented the product on the basis of the new development of the use of FRP material production of the overall bathroom, In the Tokyo Olympic Games began to be applied, since then, opened UnitBathroom era. After 50 years of development, the overall bathroom in Japan, the application of more than 90%. The use of industrial whole bathroom can reduce the renovation of garbage by 90%, 70% increase in construction efficiency, material savings of 30%. This is also the overall bathroom in the Chinese market gradually get favored reasons.


The whole bathroom with integrated waterproof chassis, siding, roof composition of the overall framework, coupled with a variety of functional sanitary ware to form an independent health unit. With shower, bath, wash, drowning four functions or any combination of these functions, in a limited space to achieve the best overall effect. Cultivate the overall bathroom market, not only to meet the green consumption of the new trend, but also to promote enterprises from the product manufacturing enterprises to the overall solution provider transformation of the source power.


From B2B to B2C


The overall bathroom ushered in the assembly style


The overall bathroom market in recent years is very lively, but can be seen from the survey, the main bathroom or from the new house began to rise in the B2B market is the first force, especially the assembly of the national policy of opening a new market door, hardcover , The boutique hotel, suitable for the elderly residential, integrated housing, ship cruise ... ... the whole bathroom factory industrial production, all parts factory fine rationing, site construction, dry construction, structured assembly characteristics, in the B2B market, Building the best solution for industrial installation. Especially the installation of high efficiency, simple process: with "building blocks" type installation, 4 to 8 hours to complete a set of integrated bathroom installation, clean and sanitary. In the rainy season tiles easy to return to the tide gap is easy to mold bacteria, the air encountered the overall bathroom with a buffer layer, easy to condense, even if the rainy season, the overall bathroom is still dry and clean. Waterproof plate one molded, comes with 4cm retaining flap, bring their own water gradient, the complete elimination of traditional toilet leakage hazards. These special hard powers meet the needs of most application markets.


Although the overall bathroom has many advantages, but the B2C market is still in the gradual cultivation period. A considerable proportion of the owners in the choice of sanitary ware or more favored in their own portfolio, often to buy a toilet, the bath from the B family, bathroom cabinet may be C home. In such a consumer differentiation and upgrading of the coexistence of the times, the overall capacity of the integrated bathroom business is the most outstanding performance of the market competitiveness. From the overall design capability, supply chain integration management capabilities, personalized and diversified product production capacity, with cross-border thinking of the new marketing capabilities, the overall business management and management capabilities, can be described as indispensable. The key to upgrading the manufacturing sector, also see how many companies from the traditional bathroom to the overall bathroom industry forward.


With the growth of domestic high-end consumer groups, the overall bathroom has a very good market prospects. Sanitary enterprises first to do is to understand the characteristics of the Chinese market, and then according to market conditions for consumers "tailor-made" for their overall bathroom products.