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How Should Companies Respond To Sanitary Ware Industry Market

Sanitary ware industry market is increasingly clear, in the face of the development trend of the sanitary ware industry, industrial integration seems to be imperative, the rise of smart appliances and e-commerce, how should companies respond?

First, industrial integration.
The industrial integration here is the integration process of products, channels, and brands. From the product side, it is the integration of the industrial chain. At the same time, there must be expansion of channels and the merger and reorganization of brands.


Then smart bathroom.
As far as the entire smart home industry is concerned, industry insiders predict that China’s market size in 2020 is expected to exceed 180 billion yuan.

Finally, e-commerce
The experience of the home improvement industry depends on the heavy line. The supply of home building materials also needs to be mainly offline, but as consumers rely on online channels and online information search, increasing the display and sales of online products can achieve the integration of online and offline brand images.