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How to make the best use of bathroom space

In the view of the acrylic bathtub suppliers Jazzi, the suggestions about how to make the best use of bathroom space were as following.

Challenge 1: It is difficult to match space and product

During the installation of the Jacuzzi, it is inevitable that such a disappointment will be encountered - we will happily choose our own sanitary products, but the original concept can not meet the requirements of the installed products. A last resort, only to change the original design, this will be the choice, it is difficult to make their own satisfaction.


Solution: In general, the installation of the Jacuzzi must be performed by professional construction personnel. Therefore, before purchasing a sanitary product, you must consider the existing design plan and the feasibility of future construction and how to install it. For example, the faucet needs to be embedded with a suitable water supply pipe, the location of the floor drain should be appropriate, etc. These conditions must be met during the home improvement construction process, otherwise sanitary products may not be installed and used. Therefore, the correct step should be to understand, select the product first, and then enter the design stage, so that in the construction can be in accordance with the specific installation requirements and technical parameters of the selected products to reserve space, change the pipeline, create installation conditions, In order to create the perfect bathroom in your mind.


Problem 2: The design of a narrow space is difficult

How to maximize the use of this part of the space has become the focus of most people's concerns.

Solution: The compact bathroom space required us to integrate basic functions and bathroom features as much as possible during the renovation, and strive to make the limited space visually open. In small bathrooms, the Jacuzzi is as small as possible to save space. In color matching, all the faucets and fittings in the small bathroom are best based on a uniform color system. If more than two main colors are selected, the entire space will inevitably be too messy. In this case, regardless of the style of decoration, the continuity of the style can be maintained.