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Intelligent time smart bath tub becomes the new trend of sanitary business

Create a good bath environment
A "smart" massage spa pool outdoor can bring, surfing, bubble hot spring, such as different experience, with colorful lights and audio-visual to relieve the exhaustion of a day, still can get up on the way from work or before operating temperature can be set up as a mobile phone from heat water bath before the long wait.
JAZZI  smart bathtub, support a variety of ways of control such as the mobile phone control, IPAD control, central control system etc, If you do not reach the preset temperature, it will automatically start heating process, the circulation of the water in the bathtub for internal heating, water temperature, water level reaches preset, buzzer sounds for 15 seconds music, to alert users to bath water has been ready, bath water preparation has been completed, the system automatically in the process of heat preservation, if the water temperature drop nearly 1 ℃, heating device can automatically start, keep the preset temperature, let bath become a simple and enjoyable thing.
The bathtub should also show more humane care in the process of intelligence. Old man in the home is the most afraid of fall, they want the bath often fail to lift into the bath, bath stand also easy to faint, the slip, the old man's problem is troubling bathing, sanitary ware enterprise should pay attention to the needs of elderly and bath that old man in the home also can rest assured.
The intelligent bathtub be the "new lover" of enterprise 
Nowadays, people advocate intelligent household, intelligent experience. Consumers are becoming more and more like the intelligent life. JAZZI control system were equip with WIFI and Bluetooth function, people can remote control the spa by download an app on your mobile phone. We imported USA and Canada control system and do the improvement, we provide 2 years warranty for each control system, anything broken we will send a new one for replacement.