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Do You Learn about Bathtub?

Do you want to know some information about the spa parts? Here is a brief introduction to the bathtub from JAZZI allows you to quickly get a basic understanding of the structure of the bathtub.

jazzi massage spa

Advanced Hydrotherapy and Form-Fitting Ergonomic Seating

Every Jazzi Spa is is an excellent solution to achieve your hydrotherapy needs,for it can accommodate different body types and sizes.

Exclusive Sentry Command Controls

You can adjust water and air pressure, jet direction, hot tub filters and temperature as you like. These adjustments are fully programmable and they are controlled with just one button.

Reliable Sentry Smart Heater

Jazzi Spa can directly heats the water by titanium oil, significantly increasing thermal efficiency and saving cost.

Powerful,Energy-efficient Pumps

An efficient,whisper-quiet filtration mode provides continuous filtration and ozone production.


Air controls and massage selectors are within arm’s length of every seat.

An Orchestration of Jets

Nine unique jets make a blend of Eastern,Western,Swedish or Shiatsu massage,for an experience as gentle of bold as you wish.

Powerful Filtration

Its super-size filters,combined with ozone options,ensure to generate crystal and clean water.


Jazzi Spa only uses spa covers to protect the spas,assuring of extra long life. No Chemical is added into the water Scent-impregnated beads.

Jazzi Spa, a pioneer of the harness plumbing,which makes more precise clustering of set, equal water pressure to each jet, freater plumbing efficiency, and more secure fittings plumbing.

In addition, the Pop-up Speaker is one of the newest innocations associated with hot tubs and home spas has the ability to install with a spa stereo into your system. Jazzi Spa is equipped with a cable-17’’flat screen TV featuring a high-impact polycarbonate screen and a stainless steel coating.

The above is a basic introduction about the bathtub structure. Do you want to learn more about related information? Please follow us and we will update more knowlege for you.