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Jazzi Promotes the 1st Luokeng Camping Festival in Shaoguan

Thousands of people camping on Luokeng prairie.jpg

Thousands of people camping on Luokeng prairie

    November 5-62016, the 1st Luokeng Camping Festival was held in Shaoguan, Guangdong.This activity was host by Shaoguan Tourism Administrationand the government of Luokeng town, which aimed atmaking propaganda for the rich tourism resources of Luokeng town and building a platform for campers, in this way promoting the concept of leisure life. 

Recreational Vehicle.jpg

Recreational Vehicle

    As the local government paid highly attention to this tourism project, this camping festival attracted thousands of campers come from all over the world. And there were hundreds of recreational vehicle coming from far away. People enjoined wonderful camping life and the beautiful scenery of LuoKeng Prairie here.   

Massage spas showed in the Luokeng Camping Festival.jpg

Massage spas showed in the Luokeng Camping Festival

    In addition of recreational vehicles and various tents, there appears some interesting massage spas on Luokeng Prairie, which attracted a lot of tourists. It is said that the spas showed here were provided by Jazzi Pool & Spa Products Co.,Ltd. As we all know recreational vehicle and spa were first started from the developed countries in Europe. And Jazzi is the first company to bring spa technology to China and opened up Chinese spa industry.

Tourist experiencing Jazzi Massage Spa.jpg

Tourist experiencing Jazzi Massage Spa

    As one of the supporter of Luokeng camping festival, Jazzi paid much attention to healthy life style and customers care. Jazzi devoted to changing the interaction between people and water and providing a way to rejuvenate your body and release your tension

.Jazzi Pool Spa.jpg

Deluxe Massage Spa from Jazzi Pool & Spa Products

    Jazzi faced to the group of people who have concept of high quality life style. In the future, Jazzi will join hands with more partners to achieve better performance in China sanitary industry, and pass on the new concept of health, science, fashion and leisure life.