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SKT339F can bring people for hydrotherapy leisure with home cinema enjoyment.A 42" pop-up LCD TV and high power speakers around, the spa can create a real verisimilar sight&sound surrounding. Seats are big and comfortable. All jets can be adjusted with power and direction. In the two lounges master seats, there are two neck jets for each seat and the back jets can massage from the top down. Jazzi Home Cinema Spa combines all the new features. Today, you can have your only water cinema in your backyard. And you can live the elegant lifestyle you would expect with your family and friends.


SKT339C provides a variety of features to enhance flexibility, strength and tone. It offers you many workout program for the entire family and all in the privacy and convenience of your backyard. SKT339C is equipped with 4 high volume swim jets, adjustable for speed and pressure.The non-slip surface ensures safety during workouts and is easy to grip. Plus pure,clean water year-round is easily achieved with Jazzi filter cartridge and the ozone puridication sysdtem, allowing you to use fewer chemicals than other swim spa.


This two model above are more popular in our products, if you are interested in,please feel free to contact us.Action is better than excitement.Massage bathtub suppliers JAZZI is the best choice for you.Lets the water dance with us!