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Jazzi Spa Attends Building Decoration Fair to let more people get away from Sub-health

Jazzi Pool & Spa Products Co.,Ltd attended the 18th Annual China (Guangzhou) International Building Decoration Fair in 8-11 July, 2016. Not only movable sun rooms and outdoor furniture were showed in this exhibition, Jazzi popular massage spas were also showed here. This exhibition was faced to high-end users, and aimed at helping people improving their leisure life.
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It is said that spa originated from developed country in Europe.And Jazzi is the first company to bring spa technology to China and start spa manufacturing. The story behind this is quite full of national spirit. It is said by the chief manager Ms.YuXiaolin of Jazzi.Jazzi CEO Mr.YuZhelong first got access to Spa culture when he studied aboard in USA, and the idea of bringing this technology to China and improving Chinese life style came into his mind,but he was thrown clod water on when he consulted an official of a company who owned this technology. The guy said to Mr.Yu:‘You are chinese ,very cheap’. Ms.YuXiaolin said it is this words that enraged him, and from that time Mr.Yu made the decision to do Chinese own spa.He bought the product here with all his money and transport them back to China, and spent a long time study on it. Nowadays, Jazzi has become one of the most famous spa manufacturers in China with customers around more than 100 countries all over the world.        


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With global environment becoming worse, protecting global water recourse has reached an agreement between all walks of life.And the consumption of spa water become a key factor that restricts the development of spa industry.Ms.Yu said, Jazzi owns the most advanced filter patent, which can make it possible for spa water to stay clean for 10 years circulation use.This technology can truly realize water saving and contribute to green life. In addition, Jazzi owns various patents, and established eight workshops as mould, pump, filter, spa, electric appliance, inject and hardware and more than 30 professional production lines.Jazzi researched and created more than 2800 different kinds of pool and spa products successfully.  

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During this exhibition, Jazzi showed two of the most popular spa in domestic market, one is the round shape SKT306B, another is the rectangle shape SKT339F, and set customer experience zone. As introduced by Ms.Yu, Jazzi SKT339F is popular for family party, which can hold 10 people to enjoin the spa together. And the round shape SKT306B can be a simple one. Customer can make choice depends on their needs.All the water injectors are designed according to human acupoints.People can release stress and exercise body through the water reaction.

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“Jazzi devoted to spa culture, we hope to bring more people with health life style by using our products”said by Ms.Yu.