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Know these knowledge before buying a bathtub

Bathroom facilities are no longer merely satisfied with simple and practical functions. Instead, they are rapidly and comprehensively upgraded from appearance, function, decoration, energy saving, etc., to meet the theme of modern and comfortable life, and increasingly reflect humanity and taste.

Bathtubs are important sanitary facilities. It is not easy for consumers to buy a suitable product since its categories and functions have become very rich.

一.Bathtub Knowledge Introduction
A bathtub is a plumbing device for bathing and is usually installed in a bathroom. Bathtubs and showers are common bathing devices in modern homes, both of which have their own advantages and disadvantages.
As the bathtub is very comfortable, more and more families choose to install a bathtub. But the shower room is also more convenient, so many families have installed a bathtub and a shower room.

二.Common classification of bathtubs
1.Classified by style:skirted bathtubs and skirtless bathtubs
According to the above outlet part, the bathtub can be divided into two styles: skirtless and skirted bathtub. The skirtless bathtub style is relatively simple, while the skirted bathtub are more smooth and decorative.
2.Classified by Shape:Different Shapes,Different Sizes
Bathtubs come in a variety of shapes, such as heart shapes, circles, ovals, rectangles, triangles, and more. Bathtubs of different shapes vary greatly in size, and there are also differences in suitable installation positions.
Triangles and heart-shaped bathtubs are mostly placed in the corners of bathrooms; round bathtubs are generally large and consume a lot of water, which is generally found in villas and bathrooms; other irregular-shaped bathtubs are also commonly found in large bathroom rooms.


3.Classified by functions:ordinary bathtub and massage bathtub
The ordinary bathtub has only the simple function of holding a bath.
Massage bathtub has massage function,consisting of a cylinder and massage system which is the key to massage bathtub.
Massage bathtub is more expensive than regular baths. In addition,it requires a large bathroom area and has high water pressure,power and installation requirements.


4.Classified by Materials:four common materials bathtub comparison
Classified by Materials,there are acrylic bathtubs, cast-iron bathtubs, steel bathtubs, and wooden bathtubs. Ceramic bathtubs are also common, but ceramic bathtubs have become obsolete due to their bulkiness, fragility and materials consuming.