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Look Younger With MicroSilk

MicroSilk is a new patented hydrotherapyfrom spa tub manufacturers that rejuvenates your body and skin,making you look younger and feel better.The gentle effervescent sensation and silky feel of the water are signs that your body is benefiting from the super saturated water with billions of oxygen-rich micro bubbles.These micro-bubbles,increase oxygen levels in the water and blankets your body,energizing skin cells,stimulating the immune system and collagen production,killing bacteria and promoting healing.


Enjoying a MicroSilk spa is like providing your entire body with a stylish oxygen facial, moisturising and hydrating in the mean time making your skin feel luxuriously silky, reducing fine lines and wrinkles and smoothing your skin.

MicroTherapy Bubbles literally embrace your body in a soothing,effervescent cloud of oxygen.Of course, oxygen is conductive to your skin.Increased oxygen levels lead to a better circulation and cellular respiration,which in turn leaves the skin glowing and radiant due to rapid skin cell regeneration.

Jazzi Spas always come with advanced technology control systems in order to provide the user the easiest way to have the massage enjoyment.


Now,it is time to enjoy the MicroSilk Spa,you will feel the magic in a few minutes.