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Notice of jacuzzi use

A jacuzzi can be very helpful to ease the stress of a day's work and study. It has a unique massage function and can also be used for fitness. Then do you know how to use the lazy spa jacuzzi for massage correctly? If not, just follow me.


Here are some notice of jacuzzi use.

  1. Do not drop bath essence or aroma oil in the water while using the jacuzzi, as this will create an unremovable oil layer on the pipe or nozzle.

  2. Do not use shampoo, body soap and other chemicals in the jacuzzi (especially the acrylic bathtub, which will cause discoloration and yellowing), and only use the bath products specially equipped for the massage bath.

  3. When cleaning the jacuzzi, please use the neutral disinfectant specified in the instruction manual for disinfection.

  4. No matter whether the massage equipment is used or not, the suction port of the jacuzzi cannot be covered or blocked by foreign objects to ensure the normal operation of the equipment.

  5. Electrical equipment (such as electric shavers or hair dryers) cannot be used near the jacuzzi. Do not open these electrical appliances even if you are not using a jacuzzi.

  6. Because the massage of the human body in the jacuzzi will lead to an increase in blood flow rate, people with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases such as heart disease and blood clot should be used with caution, and the water temperature should not be too high. People with leg varices should seek advice and opinions from doctors.


  7. Different colors also give people a different feeling, red makes people excited, yellow makes people happy, green can be relaxing, blue gives people calmness. The bathtub is equipped with a magical function to achieve a dreamy bath.

  8. The best bathing time is after 9 pm, so that the spirit and body can be relaxed before going to bed. It is best not to exceed 30 minutes for each massage bath. Do not exceed 38ºC for water temperature. Do not stand up suddenly after bathing. In order to avoid accidents caused by dizziness.