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She Said I Will Still Choose JAZZI

Young fashion, it is the most "worth mentioning" the advantages

Indeed, JAZZI bathroom is a stylish bathroom "tide card", it has a proposition, personality, brand positioning of the crowd is now the most creative 80,90, they think of escape, young and unrestrained. However, the "fashionable young" instead of attracting Gu Hui joined JAZZI the main reason. Talk about JAZZI most favored by their own characteristics, Gu Hui said after a little thought: "JAZZI in addition to product style is very beautiful, the more critical is its quality is guaranteed, and the overall service is good." Although not a But it can not help but let reporters think of a CCTV before watching a talk show, Jingdong big brother Liu Qiang East in praise of his wife milk MM have ideas have said: "I was blind, do not know she is not beautiful. Gu Hui naturally not face blind, she likes JAZZI "beautiful young". But in all the dazzling advantages of JAZZI, the advantages of fashionable young began to bleak down, as Tsinghua school tea tea MM Zhang Ze days, because the strength of Zhuoqi group, beauty becomes "worth mentioning"。


Tailored to the needs of good quality can be word of mouth

    Today, personalized custom has quietly become a trend in China's sanitary market. Especially when 80,90 after the main consumer, the popular bathroom products gradually unable to meet the needs of consumers. In the face of this phenomenon, Gu Hui to show us the good results: "In our store, the best selling is the non-standard custom bathroom cabinet. Everyone's bathroom size is different, the size of the bathroom cabinet needs natural The custom bathroom cabinet in recent years began to pop up, and the big non-standard custom bathroom cabinet products are almost no.Therefore, the first to seize this trend, non-standard custom bathroom cabinet products, we do special professional. "

I will still choose Jazzi

"More and more international brands to enter China, especially in Guangzhou, such as the international metropolis, is certainly a big gathering, if you make a re-choice, you will choose and international brand cooperation? Will no longer choose Jazz? "At the end of the interview, in the face of this reporter's" engage in things, "the question, Gu Hui hearty smile, and blurted out a positive answer:" I will choose JAZZI! "