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Smart bathroom, the future market leader

Sanitary ware market will continue to be a major growth driver. Sanitary ware products continue to develop and change, and competition has also intensified. With the gradual maturation of the sanitary ware market, sanitary ware products have also been segmented from the initial large-scale group to the current gender-based factors; from the product is only to meet the common needs, to meet the individual seeking beauty, Innovation demand.


Sanitary ware market segmentation began to refine, and competition also shifted from product competition and price competition to positioning competition and market segmentation competition. Technology continues to improve and improve. While material and cultural life and spiritual and cultural life are constantly improving, in order to meet people's visual and comfort, sanitary ware began to spread to intelligent sanitary ware products.

The bathroom is an indispensable part of the home space, but the most powerful demand for it is for women who care about bathing. Women’s purchase requirements for sanitary ware products are also much higher than for men. From the perspective of women, research and development of sanitary ware products that meet the aesthetic needs of women have become new market opportunities for businesses. Some women claim that the bathroom space is frequently consumed by women. The enthusiasm of the public has become a bright spot for sanitary ware. New products are emerging from one generation to the next, from the earliest common sensor faucets in sanitary ware to the now-famous automatic flushing Jacuzzis tub, outdoor spa pool and acrylic bathtub that has quietly become a major fashion in home bathroom decorating.


This is a trend. In addition to the sub-markets that enter the market segmentation according to gender factors, as the sanitary ware products market becomes more mature, the professional factors, personality factors, demographic factors, and even ethnic factors will enter the future in more and more detail. The market segmentation is not unacceptable, so as to capture different consumer groups of sanitary ware.