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Spa Development Trend

  With the development of time, spa has become a common option of consumption for many family. Jazzi catch the opportunity and develop many excellent spa products with advanced technology.

     The world SPA was first used in the middle of the 15th century. It comes from a small valley named SPA in Belgium. The water in the area is full of healthy minerals. The local people cured disease and relieved pains by enjoying a hot spring bath.

     After the 18th century, SPA experience become very popular among European nobility, and was their preferred method of leisure and exercise. With the development of time, people exploited new ways to enjoy a spa.

     Today the private spa hot tub has become a fashionable health concept of returning to nature, alleviating exhaustion, and providing beauty therapy for people in the modern city.

     Jazzi is the first company in China to produce pool and spa products. Early in 1993, Jazzi made the decision to be the leader of this industry in the world, and aimed at changing the spa industry.

     At Jazzi SPA, we set out with a vision, and through constant development and improvement we have accomplished that vision and have become a global leader in the SPA industry.

spa tub

    CEO Yu said: “We are the first in China to provide a complete range of pool and spa products. We always treat every Jazzi client like family, and try to provide them with the most comfortable spa products. We believe Jazzi will be a brand that will last 100 years or longer.”

In October 2016, Jazzi held 23rd anniversary celebration and CEO Mr Yu announced that Jazzi will be listed in Australia in 2017.

    Our focus is the creative transformation of technology to art, transforming products into functional beauty, and simple manufacturing into intelligent design.

    There is no doubt that design is the soul of a product. We understand that a good design is environmentally friendly and is aesthetically soothing and enjoyable.

     It is in this spirit that we celebrate our 23rd anniversary and look into the future.