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Super energy water to lead the new experience in bathing Jazzi water with innovation for Creating a Fresh World in China

The 122nd China Import and Export Fair was successfully concluded on the 19th. By the global market demand to pick up the impact of the number of buyers has increased to "along the way" along the national buyers mainly. Statistics from the major trading groups show that the current turnover of exhibitors showed steady growth.

From the scene to understand that the exhibitors more and more focus on promoting intelligent manufacturing-based high-tech, high value-added products, and high-end, intelligent, green products favored by many buyers.

In the many sought after by the procurement of high-tech new products, I noticed a new field of super energy water, the pool of micro-bubbles such as silky natural milk, like a bubble attached to the body, the scene more European and American businessmen Exclaimed: "This is my dream pool of water.


Super energy water

It is understood that this spa products from the Jazzi Pool & Spa Products Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "JAZZI Spa"), general manager Yu Xiaoling introduced: "super energy water through the spa system smooth bath, the water molecules labeled as five hundred thousand One point, the formation of bubbles on the human skin, micro - bubble effect is to increase the oxygen content of water and skin cell vitality, stimulate collagen production.

JAZZI Pool & Spa Products Co., Ltd is a bathtub manufacturers, research and development, sales and engineering support of only a full set of swimming pool equipment and spa equipment in Asia. Its international business has been around the world more than 100 countries and regions, domestic sales throughout the major provinces and cities, the company has developed into China's pool spa equipment industry in the well-known enterprises.

Since the first exhibition in 2004 so far, each session of the Canton Fair have JAZZI spa figure. "Canton Fair is China to the world, the world to the window of China, through this window, let our products to the world, and the world." Yu Xiaoling said.

The previous Canton Fair is regarded as the "barometer" and "weathervane" of China's foreign trade trend. This year, the exhibitors will see China's foreign trade volume growth this year through the observation of passenger traffic and passenger flow. "Canton Fair this year, increased traffic, the scene transactions more business, the first day we traded the first barrel of dollars business for the exhibitors to bring good momentum." She shared.


Yu Xiaoling received a little information interview

It is understood that sanitary production is labor-intensive industries, but the current health industry in China's inherent cost advantage is weakening, labor shortage phenomenon has become a threat to the healthy development of the bathroom industry, "bottleneck." In response to this situation, Jazzi water with robots, manipulators instead of part of the labor force, "labor intensity stronger type of work will be replaced by a robot." Yu Xiaoling said. With the development of national science and technology, the company will use more different types of machinery instead of artificial, to solve the "shortage of migrant workers" problem.

Purchaser in JAZZI Spa Pavilion

Talk about the future direction of development of enterprises, Yu Xiaoling very optimistic about the domestic market, "Guangdong people pay attention to showers, we will guide them to bubble SPA this consumption concept." She said. At present, domestic consumption level is improved, the transformation and upgrading of consumption structure, the domestic "returnees" crowd increased, the younger generation will be more likely to accept SPA, the country will be a market full of opportunities.

"With the country's policy of opening the second child, we will expand the product to the baby market, including the baby swimming pool, children's pool, young swimming pool, etc., from small training at home bubble pool, the concept of hot springs." She said. I believe that in the near future, Jazzi spa products are expected to enter the tens of thousands of households in China, to contribute to the elimination of sub-health.