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What is the benefits of Jacuzzi

After a busy day at work, to return to a warm home, it's natural to relax, pour a glass of frozen champagne, put a relaxing piece of music, and soak in the Lazy Spa Jacuzzi, and let the tumbling blisters wash away. This is probably Everyone's wishes, then how much do you know about the benefits of a Jacuzzi?


Spa refers to the use of different temperature, pressure, and solute water, through the temperature stimulation, mechanical stimulation and chemical stimulation of the human body to achieve the effect of disease prevention and treatment, general spa methods are divided into bath, jet bath, swirling water bath, bubble bath. According to the temperature can be divided into a high-temperature water bath, warm water bath, flat warm water bath, and cold water bath; if divided by solute type is divided into carbonate bath, pine bath, salt bath, and starch bath. The spa is a kind of physical therapy that can promote the body's metabolism, promote heart function, promote blood circulation, bleach the skin, clean the pores, and remove the skin's stratum corneum.

Massage generally refers to the internal organs of Chinese medicine, meridian theory as the theoretical basis, combined with western medicine anatomy and pathological diagnosis, manual action on the human body surface specific parts to regulate the body's physiological and pathological conditions, to achieve the purpose of physical therapy. So how does the bathtub massage? The whirlpool bath is mainly driven by the motor, so that the inner wall of the bathtub jets the air flow that mixes into the air, which causes the circulation of the water flow, thus generating a massage effect on the human body to relax the muscles and promote the release of muscles from the human body to cause muscle aches. Fatigue endorphins.

Due to the special use of the bathtub, the maintenance of the bathtub becomes a headache for people. After each use, it is not cleaned up in time, and the residual sewage in the tub and equipment of the bathtub will produce bacteria. The bathtub manufacturers design filter loudness system to solve these difficulties. The whirlpool's own filter loudness system can completely avoid this problem, automatic filter cycle, ozone disinfection and then silver ion purification, the entire jacuzzi is like a small water processor, can keep the pool water 6-12 months replacement Once, it is both clean and environmentally friendly.

The above are the benefits of a jacuzzi. After reading, is it a kind of urge to buy a jacuzzi to go home and enjoy? JAZZI, your best choice!