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The Difference Between Massage Bathtub and Ordinary Function is Different

Now most family bathroom installation shower, but there are also some family installation is a bathtub in the bathroom. Bathtub actually also has a lot of classification, such as massage bathtub, general bathtub. Look from the name, you know there are many different between them. Below, we take a look at the massage bathtub with ordinary difference!!!!

The difference of function

Massage bathtub, just as its name implies is that which has the function of massage bathtub. this is the biggest difference between massage bathtub and ordinary. Now the latest massage bathtub is spa massage bathtub, it can use water to stimulate the various parts of the body, massage muscles, accelerate the blood circulation, relieve pain, and adjustable joints. Bath set around the cluster type of spa water jet, can effectively alleviate the fatigue of the body parts. In addition, we can also according to the needs of its own, separate each nozzle, or can be open or close. In addition, the spa massage bath crock is also equipped with constant temperature system, through constant temperature heater heat water temperature to the preset temperature. These features are out of reach for ordinary bathtub effect, common bath crock is generally only have the function of the bath.



The difference of structure

Massage bathtub, it is the body of the cylinder body, but is different from common bath crock, it set the switch and the flower is aspersed on the edge of the cylinder block, cylinder with surfing in nozzle, etc. General massage bathtub is round, but now, according to its actual function, all sorts of modelling structure, for example, heart-shaped, fan, etc. In addition, the cushion for leaning on of inside the tub and armrest is designed according to the designed position according to the human body. But common bathtub, are usually elliptic, aren't that many Settings.


The difference on the material and price

The massage bathtub mostly adopts acrylic composite materials, light weight, modelling diversity, this kind of material has good durability. And most common bathtubis enamel cast iron bathtub, FRP, etc., this is both on the material is different. The stand or fall of material determines the quality of the bath, so everyone in choosing a bathtub should combine their own actual demand the bathtub that try to choose better quality. So as not to affect our health, use time will be longer.

In terms of price, massage bathtub is usually more expensive than ordinary bathtub. But can't say so absolutely, the final price is determined according to the material and quality of bathtub..