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The hope of the sanitary ware enterprise under the ear of E-commerce

Nowadays, China's swimming hot tub network obtained the unprecedented development, the electricity sanitary ware industry has become more vigorous, however, as the electricity is matured, industry creates many unhealthy phenomenon, these are all electricity under the era of sanitary ware enterprises need to solve.
Electrical business compared with the traditional bathroom sanitary ware industry, the most important is can reduce a large number of circulation in order to reduce the cost. Therefore slightly decrease in selling price, cost performance is improved and the customer quantity and sales will increase. Traditional market's inherent customer base, if take the traditional market to sell products on the Internet, user acceptance will not be particularly high.
However, sanitary ware electrical contractor encounters two troublesome problems, and to handle the difficulty is quite high. One is the experience, bathtub is a little bit expensive and Consumers simply look at the pictures on to buy then the risk is bigger, so the experience that a relatively less done.
The hope of the sanitary ware enterprise under the ear of E-commerce..jpg
Moreover is the after-sales service, we are all made of logistics in industry. Then, some installation requires consumers to solve. Although there have been a third party service company, but due to high cost, lead to general popularity. Online electricity enterprise in bath plate, will have to get through and offline channels, to establish a suitable for their own O2O business model in the development of enterprises. This is sanitary electric business enterprise development the main direction of next step.
High traffic conversion rate is low
But a lot of browsing the network of the electricity quantity that defend bath is very high, the actual transactions are generally, low conversion rate has been the most to be solved. Nearly two years there are businesses use network province property costs in terms of product sales "low prices is king", this kind of behavior is the brand ". And there are many enterprises encountered technical bottleneck. In addition, after sales, it cannot be encountered logistics distribution and after-sales service, bringing to a halt sanitary ware industry electricity, it is difficult to have a big breakthrough.
Sanitary ware industry electric business to improve competitiveness, must first to form a team, use with Internet thinking more talents, and to estimate the investment way and method; Second should change their operation mode, to better serve customers, positioning to adjust or to renew the customer requirements on the original location.
The only constant is that everything in the world is changing, the enterprise to do calm response to market go, easy embrace the complex world, to try a new way of marketing, to permanent in an impregnable position in the market.