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The Integration between technology industry and innovation design

Nowadays, in the development of science and technology, consumer demand is constantly changing, swimming pool spa according to the development of The Times, the change of consumer demand, produce the right products, is a walk in the leading edge of sanitary ware enterprises, to do so, in this era of rapid development of science and technology, sanitary ware and technology industry, and incorporating innovative design?
The science and technology industry is combined with the sanitary ware industry
The industry of sanitary is mostly small micro enterprise, it is very strict to the efficiency and cost, small enterprise wants small step iteration quick study. Science and technology and intelligence are the future development direction of sanitary industry. The products of the current industry, the so-called intelligence is the original electronic product, not the intelligent product, is very long term to the intelligent product.
Now, all of the intelligence is to big data interaction, to service of consumers, such as health spending habits, realize the human-computer interaction, it also has a memory ability.
Sanitary ware industry development space is huge, bathroom industry there are currently 8000 to 20000 small micro enterprise, the future can achieve trillions of dollars in sanitary ware industry output value, can give small micro enterprise development has enough space and plenty of time.
Customer Experience
Sanitary enterprise innovation needs to find the transition point
From the perspective of the development of current science and technology, industry development is one of the most vitality, not only is the industry, the same is true of science and technology, the most is the junction in the ways of life. It is very important for the company of sanitary ware to find out how to make the binding band and to derive the transformation point from the bathroom.
The sanitary company needs to have its own brand localization
All the product that defend bath, no matter how innovation, are eventually meet the needs of users, the sanitary ware enterprises from the perspective of users and meet the requirements of consumers. Every brand has its own orientation, each sanitary ware enterprises need to consider how integration on the basis of our current technology and meet the needs of the consumers, for your users to create products that meet the user requirements, this is the combination of science and technology and enterprise, enterprise is used to make products, science and technology is used to solve the people need, so it is the combination of a product.
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