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What are the tips for keeping a pool spa clean?

The maintenance of spa pool outdoor is embodied in the daily water treatment circulation system and keeping the water in the bracket pool clean. Spa pool manufacturers suggest that after using it every quarter, wipe off the green moss at the bottom of the pool, then cool and dry the spa pool. In order to better keep lazy spa pool clean, there are several tips below.

lazy spa pool

First, Drain the water from the swimming pool spa or inflatable spa pool and cut the patch. The patch should be cut 3 times the size of the repaired area, preferably round or oval.

Second, the swim spa is suggested to make a primer treatment.Wipe the area and patch to be repaired, apply special glue evenly, then use a hair dryer to blow it to a non-stick hand state, and dry it naturally.

Third, glue treatment is needed for the cleaning process. It is recommended that you evenly apply the special glue to the repaired area and the repaired piece that has just been dried.

Fourth, you are suggested to point the patch to the repaired area. Slowly stick it from one direction and flatten it with your hands, taking care not to create bubbles.

Fifth, after the sticking is finished, you can place the spa pool on a flat hard object and apply it with a flat hard weight for about 24 hours.

After the patching and drying, you can do the cleaning. But remember not to place extra things such us put towels or the like in the spa pool outdoor. Since the nozzle directly impacts the body, the bath temperature will feel too hot. Therefore, the water temperature should be slightly lower by about 36-39 degrees. What’s more, when using swimming pool spa, avoid the water running water level of the pump must be higher than the upper edge of the nozzle by 10mm. To avoid injury to the swimming pool and piping, do not use bathing essence or organic solvent hot spring products containing sulfur and try not use the bath essence that produces a lot of foam. Last, after the pump stops running, the spout can be pulled out to drain.

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