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Three key words of Sanitary industry in 2018

Since the reform and opening up, China's sauna room manufacturers  economy continues to develop. In recent years, though the growth rate of GDP slowed down, it maintained a relatively rapid growth rate of 6.90% or more. People's living standards are constantly improving, urbanization accelerates, and residents' disposable incomes continue to increase.
China accounts for more than 37% of the output value of global ceramic sanitary wares and is one of the largest ceramic sanitary ware markets in the world. Per capital spending is low, less than one hundred yuan. In 2017, China's per capital spending on sanitary products was approximately RMB 62.8, which was equivalent to only 33.8% of the United States.
First, energy-saving emission reduction is imminent:Economic development, health and environmental protection has become the mainstream consumer trends. In order to more adapt to the market hair, the concept is more popular in the world. Therefore, we must pay attention to energy conservation and environmental protection, improve water-saving technologies, and allow sanitary facilities to meet all aspects of demand. Good bathroom is not only for the convenience of life, but also a way to enjoy life.
Second, improve service-driven sales:Hospitality industry homogeneity, for ordinary consumers, good service is to distinguish between different companies an indispensable standard. Traditional products rely on the sale of the product itself, product-driven services, with the development of the Internet, more and more companies focus on services to drive sales, so as to achieve better competition results.
Third, pay attention to and develop e-commerce industry:Alibaba and other major e-commerce platforms are all over the place. Although it is not the original mythical trend, the powerful drainage of the Internet can not be underestimated. E-commerce spending has gradually become more rational consumption. Consumers search the Internet to meet their needs bathroom products, in terms of shape, price, service, etc., as a business can do a good job in online business, to maximize the role of the Internet set.
Fourth, to enhance the attractiveness of personalized products:With the development of the times, the core of consumption has gradually changed from 60,70 to 80,90. Consumers have become younger and more and more consumers like diversified and personalized products. And pay attention to consumer experience. From the brand, style and other considerations, personalization is also a demand point. If the business appeal is personalized, you can weigh the needs of such consumers. Seize the opportunity for development.