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What is the Efficacy and Benefits of Spa?

1. Health and Longevity, Enhance Immunity


146677447619697769During Bathing, the blood circulation is improved, sweat excretion is conducive to the exclusion of body waste, so that the skin of various organizations to get more nutrition.


In the intestinal absorption of excessive toxins, other organs will be affected. Some girls the reason for poor tone, is the respiratory tract excreted the body of harmful gases. Spa can reduce intestinal harmful gases such as hydrogen sulfide, ammonia and biogas generation and discharge


2. Weight Loss Row Acid


Spa is the most enjoyable thing, and is one of the best ways to lose weight in the cold season.


In the appropriate temperature soak for 15 minutes, the body's pores can be opened, can play a role in promoting fat metabolism, not only can lose weight, but also absorb the beneficial trace elements in the water, liking doing Spa and weight loss.


3. More Beauty


Skin and skin under the capillaries and a large number of glands in the blood of metabolites and some harmful substances discharged. In the excretion of the skin during the damage, resulting in acne, pigmentation and other skin problems. Intestinal hydrotherapy increases the chance of harmful substances from the intestinal tract, reducing the chance of excreting harmful substances through the skin, which of course is beneficial to skin health.


Day more and more hot, in this season, let us meet the  Jazz, enjoy a SPA feast!